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You can get your car to pass smog test guaranteed!

We all get those notices from the DMV and wonder, “Is this the year my car will fail the SMOG test?” What will I do if it doesn’t? What if it costs more than I can afford to fix the problem? Guess what? For most people, there is no reason to worry, even if your car won’t pass a smog test right now. We guarantee that by following our completely legal and legitimate guide to passing the smog test, your car will not only pass the smog check, but will most likely run better and get better gas mileage.

Over a million cars fail the California Smog Test every year!

Some of them fail because of simple things like the gas cap is not screwed on tight.  Don’t let it happen to you.  If so many things can go wrong, why not make sure you got it right?  Our Pass the Smog Test Guide includes a Pre-Smog Checklist.  Save yourself time and money.  Get everything right the first time.
Buy The Simple Secrets to Passing the Smog Test

You can pass the smog test without expensive repairs!

You can easily get your car to pass smog without shelling out major cash. No gimmicks! No gadgets! Just the truth about the causes of most smog check failures and how to correct them without expensive repairs!