When it’s time to pass the smog test you want to make sure you pass the first time.

Since it is a requirement that your vehicle pass the smog test you want your vehicle to put out the least amount of pollutants not only to assure that your vehicle is in top running condition but also because it’s important to reduce smog in the environment.

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Pass Smog Now begins a cleansing process that will remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber. These deposits are major culprits that prevent your car from passing the smog test.

To guarantee your vehicle pass the emissions test, you should put Pass Smog Now into your gas tank, fill the tank with gas and drive until almost empty. The longer you drive, the cleaner your emissions will be. Pass Smog Now also cleans the entire fuel system of gums, tars and varnish that rob you of fuel economy.
A clean fuel system is essential to getting the best mileage per gallon. Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules that vary in size and shape.
Short molecules burn very quickly, causing engine knock and nitrous oxide emissions.
Longer molecules burn slower and incompletely, leaving unburned hydrocarbons in the form of various exhaust pollutants.

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Pass Smog Now delays the burning of short hydrocarbons, and quickens the burning of the longer hydrocarbons, The molecules ignite simultaneously, reducing pre and post ignition detonation causing a more complete fuel burn at the spark on the power stroke.

Pass Smog Now is 100 percent guaranteed to bring your vehicle into compliance to pass the smog test.


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Pass Smog Now Is Guaranteed To Reduce Co’s, Hc’s And Nox Emissions.
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